Bring your business ideas to life

Go from procrastinating to progressing

  • Validate your business idea
  • Go from paper to product
  • Make consistent progress

A healthier approach to entrepreneurship

No matter how many videos, courses, and coaching we consume, we can’t seem to stick to a plan long enough to see results. The one thing every expert says we’re missing is…


We’re constantly stressed, petering on burning out, and plagued by self-doubt. With thoughts like “It looks so easy why am I the only one struggling this hard?

The truth is most first-time business owners share these experiences.

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of small business owners have experienced mental health problems over the past two years. (CEBR & Opinium)

It's time to stop struggling alone

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We combine accountability groups, body doubling, productivity techniques, positive psychology, business coaching, and more to make the best online environment for you to build your business idea.

Idea Strider helps you become productive, motivated, consistent, and burnout free until you’re strong enough to run on your own.

How it works

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1. Bring your idea

Pick the startup idea that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

Video meeting with lots of people

2. Join live video sessions

Join weekly virtual sessions to get help and progress on your goals.

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3. Track your results

See which productivity techniques and business strategies work for you.

The Science

  • Connectedness with others and social accountability is an essential condition for intrinsic motivation in Self-Determination Theory. (Ryan & Deci, 2000)
  • Ongoing accountability support increases the probability of goal accomplishment to 95 percent. (Harkin et al., 2016)
  • Just the knowledge of the possibility of impending accountability check-ins increases positive behaviors by 50%. (Oussedik et al., 2017)
  • Virtual, weekly accountability check-ins conducted by skilled facilitators more than double adherence to plans to achieve goals. (Oussedik et al., 2017) (Kast & Pomeranz, 2014)
  • Accountability is so powerful because it is an evolutionary trait that has evolved over millions of years hand in hand with self-awareness and our ability to self-regulate, which gives human beings the unique ability to dominate the planet. (Scheier & Carver, 1977) (Silvia, 2002)
  • Difficult goals, when they’re stated with clear specificity, consistently lead to higher performance. (Locke & Latham, 1990)
  • Specificity optimized goals always outperform, are more unconsciously motivating and build mastery faster than purely focusing on the long term. (Bandura & Schunk, 1981)
  • Balancing big picture vs ultra-detailed goals is a skill that actually improves self control, correlating with higher earning potential, better health and even better relationships. (Fujita, 2008)
  • Adding a specific intention to take action at a precise time more than doubles the likelihood of a goal being accomplished. (Milne et al., 2002)
  • The skillful ability to plan one’s work across time correlates with better performance in every measure, regardless of field. (Snider et al., 2021) (Fishbach et al., 2003)
  • Deadlines actually help people be more flexible, resist distraction and achieve more (than just executing in a wide open schedule). (Gollwitzer & Sheeran, 2006)
  • 64% of people reported higher engagement levels, lower fatigue levels, and a higher success rate when they were primed to act collaboratively (Carr & Walton, 2014)
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“Being consistent was something I always had problems with keeping. These types of meetings allowed me to stay more consistent and on track with anything that I want to do.
– Deigo

Olga Fuhrmann

“I don’t procrastinate for hours and hours anymore. I just get done with it. I think that it has really changed me. I kept practicing the techniques. I see my whole life changing.
– Olga

Join a strider session

Join any live strider session twice a day, everyday Monday to Friday.




Strider sessions consist of a mix of productivity and business exercises and focus blocks to get tasks done.



$80 / month

Gain the support, persistence, and clarity you need to work on your business idea consistently.

Cancel anytime. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our Program

Join daily live sessions to focus on getting work done. Get quickly unstuck with help from professionals. Test new ways of getting work done and enjoying the process.

Video meeting with lots of people
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Everyone works differently

It's time we stop chasing highly successful people's morning routines and start working on our own. Experiment with science backed productivity techniques to find your personal success combo.

We improve together

Entrepreneurship doesn't need to be stressful and lonely. Being part of a group going through the same things and growing together is mentally helpful and business savvy.

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Confidence isn't action in the absence of fear, it's action in spite of it.

Doubt can weigh you down

You will grow your comfort zone bigger and stronger

Anxiety could make you stumble

You will overcome fear and find your stride

Perfectionism may drag on you down

You will finish tasks that are imperfict

Imposter syndrome might overshadow your wins

Your self-worth will light your way

Procrastination can distract you from  important tasks

You will make progress

You got this

My Personal Results

  1. Hit my goal of working 80% of the days out of the year on my ideas for 3 years straight.
  2. Moved to a tropical paradise by the ocean achieving a childhood dream.
  3. Built enough confidence to quit my job after 6 years and increase my next salary by 80 percent.
  4. Tripled my happiness while maintaining my productivity and doubling weekly exercise.
  5. Lost 10 pounds in four months that I’d been trying to lose for four years.
  6. Currently, on the longest productive streak, I’ve had in the past 10 years.