Idea Strider was born out of a love for creativity and exploring new ideas. Everyone has ideas but so few of them ever see the light. 1 out of 200 startups is said to succeed. As a society often focus on successful entrepreneurs and try to imitate them but that’s just half of the story.

Idea Strider seeks not to help the 0.5% of people get super successful but to make the 99.5% percent of people bring their ideas to reality.

You’re in the right place if you struggle with procrastination, or lack of skills, or experience to bring your startup to life. Become an Idea Strider.

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Why we exist

Everyone has dreams of building wonderful things or being able to impact the world positively. To live a life without financial worry.

When we start our journey to financial freedom, often we’re sold on the idea that there’s a better, faster path if we just follow an experienced guru. This often leads to frustration and self-doubt for the majority of us.

Copying the top 10 morning routines of Warren Buffett or downloading the SECRET guide to six figures in 90 days end up being just one more distraction on our paths to success.

The problem is that most self-help book focuses on providing a roadmap or plan but does little to ease the journey itself.

Constantly replacing your map with a better, fancier GPS won’t make the journey itself shorter. The same goes for constantly jumping from one route to another, hoping for an easier hike.

The Three Things

In my journey, I found there are three items that most people who reached financial freedom had:

  1. Plan (map)
  2. Method (vehicle)
  3. Tenacity (fuel)

Idea Strider’s goal is to provide all three items needed to be successful.