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Add Google Analytics the right way

You have a brand new website, we set up tracking for you.

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Get Google Analytics Setup For You

Question: How much is your time worth?

When it comes to learning how to setup Google Analytics, there’s a lot to learn.
You could be spending hours teaching yourself or we can do it right, the first time.

Fast Turn Around

There's a hundred things to be done, don't let this one hold you back.

Every Setting Checked

We make sure everything is setup correctly the first time.

Expert Implementation

Get the best practices from industry experts right in your account.

Simple Service

Fill out a short form and we take care of the nitty-gritty details.

 Google Analytics

  • Enable “Bot Filtering”
  • Setup multiple views (Main and Raw data)
  • Check that data is being collected
  • Set up location goals tracking
  • Strip common tracking queries parameters 
  • Setup site search query tracking
  • Enable enhanced link attribution 
  • Block your IP from affecting traffic
  • Setup eCommerce tracking (optional)
  • Enable user tracking (optional) 

Google Tag Manager

  • Setup Google Analytics tracking code
  • Setup scroll depth tracking
  • Setup content categories
  • Facebook Pixel (optional) 
  • LinkedIn Tracking (optional) 
  • Enable advanced javascript IP blocking (Optional)

Search Console

  • Setup search console for organic keyword tracking
  • Connect to google analytics
  • Verify site for console

What you get:

To preserve your data in case something gets filtered out accidentally later in your implementation we setup a Raw Data view and a Main Analytic view.

Whether a site visitors buy a product or signs up for a trial you want to track your sites goals. You tell us which pages to track, we’ll do the rest.

We’ll make sure that visiting your own site won’t skew the data.

We’ll make sure that the site searches are being tracked properly. 

We’ll exclude the most common query string parameters so you don’t have the ugly long URLs making analyzing pages easier.

See where people are clicking around your pages and click heat maps.

While we make sure you’re starting off on the right foot, things change. Using Google Tag Manager makes it easy for you or any professional to update your code without needing developers.

We’ll setup an integration to Google Search Console making it easy to see how people are searching for your site.


Yes. For us to be able to install and configure Google Analytics on your website you need to have a website already built. This however does not mean that your site has to be published, as we will be able to setup your Google Analytics within a development environment as well if needed.

Yes. We will be able to install and configure Google Analytics on any web application.

We usually complete the setup in not more than 3 days. It will also depend on how quickly you will be able to provide us with the required access to your website.

Time is money. We provide services to those who don’t have the time to learn how to implement Google Analytics and connected applications along with making sure that it’s setup correctly from the start. 

Yes we will refund 100% of the cost if your account does not work as promised.

We do not provide custom implementations. We provide a standard account setup based on the best practices from industry experts. Every site is different and will require some customization fit for you as you grow. Our services are meant to help you start on the right foot.