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Have an idea but no audience?

Get your 100 first fans for $120


How it works:

1. Define your niche

2. Submit your idea

3. Get 100 people’s feedback


How it works:

1. Create a profile

2. Vote, comment, or invest in ideas

3. Get paid per idea you review


What kind of feedback can I ask for?

  • You can ask for simple poll questions, text answers, video recordings, even money.

Do you have my niche?

  • We have an ever-growing crowd of excited fans so if we don’t you can vote on who you want us to attract next.

How can I use to describe my idea?

  • You can use text, images, video, or audio to describe your idea.


What are tags?

  • Tags are ways of picking what topic and things you’re interested in getting suggestions for. We will occasionally show you things you haven’t selected because you might like what you see. 

How much will I get paid?

  • The payout depends on the types of feedback you give where the more involved the more you get paid. Of course, everything must meet our standard of quality.
100 First Fans
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